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Ever wondered how to keep your Taurus G2C in top-notch condition? Well, you’re in luck! I’m about to share some expert tips on cleaning this popular firearm. It’s not as daunting as it might seem, and I promise, by the end of this article, you’ll be a pro.

Cleaning your Taurus G2C is crucial for its longevity and performance. It’s a task that requires precision, care, and a bit of know-how. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner; I’ll guide you through every step.

Why Cleaning is Important for Your Taurus G2C

Just like my car needs regular oil changes to run smoothly, a Taurus G2C firearm also needs regular care to perform at its best. Here’s why cleaning your firearm is critical for both its longevity and effectiveness.

Prevent Build-Up: Every time you use your Taurus G2C, fragments and residues from the bullet gather within the firearm. This residue, if not cleaned immediately, transforms into a hardened build-up which can damage the firing mechanism dramatically. An improperly maintained firearm is more likely to misfire or even not fire at all.

Preserve Accuracy: Residue build-up doesn’t just affect the longevity of your firearm, it can dramatically impair your firearm’s accuracy too. A build-up in the barrel can cause bullets to depart from their intended path, putting accuracy at risk. I’ve found that regular cleaning of my Taurus G2C helps ensure that each shot is as accurate as possible.

Increase Lifespan: Like any piece of machinery, the longer you want your Taurus G2C to last, the more care you’ll need to give it. Every time I clean my firearm, I’m effectively increasing its lifespan by preventing premature wear and tear. It’s an investment in the future.

Enhance Safety: Ultimately, an unclean firearm is an unsafe firearm. Residue build-up, rust, and hardened grime can lead to malfunctions that might result in accidental discharges or other dangerous incidents. Caring for your Taurus G2C by cleaning it properly ensures it’s safe to use.

Remember, consistency is the key. Regular cleaning after each use will keep your Taurus G2C performing optimally and lasting longer. If you’re a beginner, the steps in the next part will guide you through the process.

Gathering the Required Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Before explaining the process of cleaning a Taurus G2C, let’s delve into the required tools and supplies you’ll need at your disposal. Firstly, believe me when I say that gathering the right tools for the task isn’t as daunting as you might imagine. It’s all about having the essentials – nothing more, nothing less.

The Essential Cleaning Kit

The first item on your list should be a gun cleaning kit specifically designed for handguns. This typically includes:

  • Bronze brushes for scrubbing interior surfaces
  • Cleaning rods to attach brushes and patches
  • Cotton patches to apply solvents and remove residue
  • A patch holder or slotted tip to secure patches
  • A nylon brush for cleaning the finer details

Look for a kit that’s well suited for your Taurus G2C caliber. For instance, a 9mm/.38 caliber kit should do the trick, as the Taurus G2C comes in a 9mm version. Having the right size brushes and rods is vital for a thorough cleaning.

Particular Cleaning Solutions and Cloth

Next in line are cleaning solutions. You’ll need a good-quality gun solvent to get rid of the most stubborn residue and a gun oil or lube to keep your firearm in pristine condition. Some prefer CLP (clean, lubricate, protect) products that do all these tasks in one. Hoppes No. 9 Solvent and M-Pro 7 LPX are personal favorites of mine but there are countless options out there that work great.

Finally, please don’t underestimate the importance of an absorbent, non-abrasive cloth for wiping down parts and surfaces.

Safe and Comfortable Workspace

Remember that safety is your number one priority. Choose a well-ventilated, well-lit working space. Wear protective gloves and eyewear since solvents and lubricants can be harmful if they come in contact with your skin or eyes.

I understand that the list might seem a bit overwhelming at first. But with each cleaning session, you’ll find yourself more at ease and undoubtedly see the payoff in how your Taurus G2C performs. Now, let’s transition into the step-by-step guide on how you can get your firearm sparkling clean.

Disassembling Your Taurus G2C

Before we dive right into the disassembly process, there’s one key factor that can’t be stressed enough: Always check if the gun is unloaded. Confirm the chamber and the magazine are empty. We don’t want any accidental discharges during cleaning.

Grab your gun by the handle, thumb on one side and index finger on the other. You’ll notice the two take-down pins right above the trigger guard. These pins need to be pushed from the side to unlock the slide. Let’s do it carefully.

Once this step is done, swiftly but cautiously, pull the trigger. You’ll then be able to slide off the barrel from the platform. Now, we’ve got the slide, guide rod, recoil spring, and barrel separate – the main components that you’ll need to clean.

Subsequently, remove the guide rod and recoil spring carefully from the slide. Separate the barrel from the slide. Be careful; it can be tricky! But you’ve got this.

Dependant upon how much use your Taurus G2C sees, and the level of cleaning it needs, you might want to go further into disassembly. The fire control unit can be removed for deep cleaning if required. But remember, it’s not a walk in the park to put it back together. So, evaluate your need for a thorough cleanse.

You’re probably looking at pieces of your Taurus G2C scattered across your workspace right now. Don’t worry, you’re doing great up until this point. There’s no need to rush the process. Working with firearms requires patience and careful attention to detail.

Next up, we’ll be talking about cleaning itself. Ensuring a thorough cleaning of individual parts is what triggers an optimal performance of your firearm. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves and let’s move on to the fun part.

Cleaning the Barrel and Slide

After you’ve successfully disassembled the Taurus G2C, now comes the crucial task — the actual cleaning. Handling this aspect with skill and attention is crucial to maintain your firearm’s health and longevity. Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Start with the Barrel.
First, I’ll suggest taking a bore brush specifically made for your caliber gun. Apply a small amount of your chosen gun cleaner solvent onto the brush. You’ll want to run the brush through the bore (inside of the barrel) several times to loosen any debris.

For an even deeper clean, consider using a bore snake. It’s a long cord with bristles that works wonders when you pull it through the bore. Remember, not to pull it backward as you might end up pushing the debris back into the gun.

Next, replace the bore brush with a patch holder and cotton patches. Soak a patch in the solvent, push it through the bore until it emerges out the other end. Repeat the process with fresh patches until they come out clean.

Slide Cleaning
The slide of your Taurus G2C also requires thorough attention. Use a nylon brush and gun cleaning solvent to clean all areas of the slide, focusing particularly on areas with noticeable buildup.

After that, take a clean, dry cloth and wipe out the residual solvent along with any remaining dirt. Then, apply some high-quality gun oil to a new cloth, carefully oiling the inside of the slide rails and other moving parts.

While cleaning, you might want to observe the components of your firearm. Look for any unusual wear and signs of damage. If you spot anything, it’s a good idea to get it checked out by a professional.

In the next section, we’ll get into cleaning the remaining parts and how to lubricate and reassemble your Taurus G2C.

Lubricating Your Taurus G2C

Now let’s dive into the lubrication process. Proper lubrication is key to the smooth functioning of your Taurus G2C.

After cleaning, the first step is to dab some high-quality firearm lubricant on a clean, lint-free cloth. I prefer oil-based lubricants due to their resistance to temperature changes and superior performance.

Starting with the slide, run the lubricated cloth along the inside. Wipe it gently, ensuring every inch is covered. Pay special attention to the slide rails as this is where metal meets metal during the firing process.

Next, the barrel needs attention. Using a clean part of your cloth, apply the lubricant along the length of the barrel, both inside and outside.

Once done, you’ll move on to the other parts. The trigger assembly, recoil spring, and the inside of the handle are among the components that need a little oil. They don’t require a heavy coating, just a thin, even layer to create a friction reducing barrier.

However, over-lubrication is not recommended. It attracts dirt and grime which can negatively affect the firearm’s performance. Also, excess oil can potentially seep into areas where it’s not supposed to go, causing potential issues.

Finally, after lubrication, ensure to wipe away any excess oil with a clean cloth. Leaving pools of oil can lead to gunky build-up over time, reducing your firearm’s efficiency.

Running a properly lubricated firearm isn’t just about keeping things smooth; it’s about maintaining the longevity of your investment, improving performance and ensuring its reliability when you need it the most.

Maintaining your Taurus G2C requires some time and attention, but the rewards are well worth it. So, let’s move on to the next part: reassembling your now pristine and well-oiled Taurus G2C.

Reassembling Your Taurus G2C

Alright, let’s continue to the next phase. You might be curious about how to put your Taurus G2C back together after doing such a thorough cleaning and lubrication job. No worries, I’ve got your back. It might seem intimidating at first, but trust me, it’s simpler than you might think. The key here is to follow these steps and remain patient.

So, step one is to re-insert the barrel into the slide. You’ll notice there’s only one way it’ll fit perfectly, so you can’t really mess this up. You’ve already lubed it well, so it should slide in pretty smoothly.

Next is the recoil spring. Be sure to keep a firm grip as they can be under quite a bit of tension. By gently pushing the recoil spring and guide rod assembly into its area, it should nestle just fine into its original position. Do ensure that it’s properly seated on the lower step of the barrel lug.

After that, you’ll bring the slide back to the frame or grip. You’ll want to align the tracks on the frame with the slide notches and carefully push forward. Be sure to pull it back a bit to make sure it’s secure. Always remember safety first.

Reconnecting the slide to the frame is your next mission. Here’s one spot you have to do with caution. By properly aligning each component, it should fit back together rather smoothly. If not, don’t force it. Take a moment to understand why it’s not sitting right. Usually, it’s because something is out of alignment.

Lastly, the takedown pin comes into play. You’ll replace this back into its slot. This should be pretty straightforward. Remember, if at any point you have difficulty, always step back, breathe, and try to figure out why it’s not working. Force is rarely the answer.

And just like that, you’re starting to look like a true gunsmith! So pat yourself on the back and feel good about serving your firearm well, It’s important you become familiar with your gun. This knowledge isn’t just beneficial for maintaining the longevity of your Taurus G2C, but it’s also crucial for your safety.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.


So there you have it. Cleaning a Taurus G2C isn’t as daunting as it may seem. With patience and practice, you’ll master the steps, ensuring your firearm’s longevity and performance. Remember, reassembling the gun is just as crucial as the cleaning itself. It’s all about becoming familiar with your firearm and understanding its parts. This knowledge will not only make the cleaning process easier but also enhance your overall experience with the Taurus G2C. So, don’t rush the process. Take your time, follow the steps, and before you know it, you’ll be a pro at maintaining your Taurus G2C. Happy cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reassemble a Taurus G2C firearm after cleaning?

To reassemble a Taurus G2C firearm after cleaning, follow these steps: 1) Re-insert the barrel into the slide. 2) Place the recoil spring onto the barrel. 3) Align the slide with the frame and push it forward. 4) Reconnect the slide to the frame by pulling back on the slide and engaging the slide stop. 5) Replace the takedown pin to secure the slide and frame together. Remember to follow the instructions carefully and be patient throughout the process.

Why is it important to follow the reassembly steps carefully?

Following the reassembly steps carefully ensures that the Taurus G2C firearm functions properly and safely. Skipping or incorrectly performing any step can lead to malfunctions or accidents when using the firearm. By taking the time to follow the instructions, you can avoid any potential issues and have confidence in the firearm’s performance.

What are the benefits of practicing the reassembly process?

Practicing the reassembly process allows gun owners to become familiar with their Taurus G2C firearm and gain confidence in their ability to field strip and reassemble it correctly. This familiarity and confidence can contribute to safer and more efficient firearm handling. Additionally, practicing the reassembly process helps to reinforce muscle memory, making it easier and quicker to perform in the future. Regular practice also provides an opportunity to identify and address any issues or concerns with the firearm.